Aug 12, 2018

Complexity vs Complicatedness

Painting by Lachlan D. Frost

It's easy to mistake complication for complexity. I've always enjoyed the rich, beautiful complexity of music, art, ecosystems, or a well-planned reef aquarium.

Complicatedness is unnecessary difficulty; it does not exist in nature because it is a waste of energy. Complexity is abundance and organized, intricate symbiosis.

I'm disappointed in myself that I've confused the 2 and have been on a destructive path as a result. It's important to re-evaluate your life and relationships periodically to determine what is complex or complicated, and let go of anything that's no longer a positive force in your life.

This painting by my 4 year old son Lachlan hangs above my unicornreefbowl, and it looks completely different under actinics, daylight, and even glows in the dark at night. It is complex, not complicated. We were inspired by the beautiful art by my friend Rachel of @reefweeds

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top left clockwise: daylight, night, and actinic lighting

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