Apr 28, 2013

Women of the Aquarium Industry - Felicia McCaulley article on Aquanerd Blog

I'm honored to be featured in the latest Aquanerd blog titled Women of the Aquarium Industry - Felicia McCaulley

I also found out that one of the customers that frequents my place of employment, the Fish Factory in Bristol, PA, has a tattoo of a photo I took. What a small world! He most likely found the photo on the internet and added it to his reef-scene tattoos. Little did he know, the tattoo he has was photographed by someone who not only lives in the same city as him, but works at his local fish store! He discovered this while reading Aquanerd's article about me and saw the photo his tattoo is based on in the article. The photo is of a Trapezia crab in an Acropora secale I used to have when I lived in Wisconsin. It's awesome that a stranger got a tattoo of one of my pets.


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