Dec 22, 2009

Cardiff Bullet Reef Tank

I've heard your requests for an updated full tank shot of the Cardiff Bullet shaped Reef tank. These tanks are really neat to see in person, but the U shape really distorts what you can see on the sides of the tank if you are standing in front of it. There is a Toadstool and another purple Gorgonian on the left side, and a Turbinaria and an orange Gorgonian on the right side that you can't see in the picture. This tank would be displayed best if easily viewable from three sides. Mine is not.


Here are some closeups of my corals:

The green polyp Toadstool

My Aquarium

Pink Zoanthus

Pink Zoas

Super neon green Leptoseris

Leptoseris sp.

Pumping Xenia

Xenia sp.

Purple Blastomussa frag

Blastomussa wellsi

Peanut Butter Cup Zoas

Peanut Butter Cup Zoas

Green Favia lizardensis

Green Favia brain coral

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