Mar 29, 2010

My Seahorse Had Babies!

Juniper is a daddy! After the death of his mate, Ellis, he and Hoover have formed a very close bond. I was worried that they wouldn't because they weren't interested in each other before.

On March 15th, I found about 30 or 40 tiny baby seahorses in my aquarium's sump. Juniper is a very large seahorse, so he probably had closer to 200 babies, but most of them were probably anthias and Brotulid food. I took the survivors to work and have been trying my hand at fry raising. I have the best mentors I could possibly have helping me, though. My boss is a clownfish raising expert, and I've been getting advice from the folks at Honestly, though, I'm shocked they are doing as well as they are. I'm really excited, but trying not to get my hopes up too high. The day after he had the babies, I saw Juniper and Hoover doing another egg transfer, so there should be more babies in our future.

More pictures and updates here!

Newborn Seahorse


  1. I want to know how many gallons you can get away with and keep a pair of seahorses. I am not looking to breed them, but if it happens, great.

    I have a 100 gallon aquarium, a 40 gallon aquarium, and a 6.5 wall fish tank (bubble).

    My Bubble Wall Fish Tank has held 2 clown fish for 2 years and I was thinking of using a new one as an initial home for seahorses. I can always move them to the 40 gallon tank, the fish that live in here can be moved to the 100 gallon aquarium.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. I want to have seahorse but I wonder if it hard to maintain...I don't have an experience and broad knowledge on having a sea horse pet...but i really want to have a sea horse...

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  3. Wow, I wish I had a saltwater aquarium now. Do seahorses have the same water requirements as most saltwater fish?

    I keep freshwater dwarf shrimp tanks atm... But maybe I'll switch one to these sea horses.

  4. Gotta Get it, you'd be surprised how large these seahorses can grow to. You definitely wouldn't want to keep Erectus in a 6 gallon tank, they'd just be bumping into the walls all the time. Smaller species are hard to find in the US (except Dwarfs which only grow to an inch and eat only live bbs).

    Laila and Matt, check out for more info on caring for seahorses, or browse this site. Seahorses need the same saltwater, but they are very different from other tropical marine fish. The main issue is temperature and seahorse-specific diseases you need to learn about first, as well as appropriate tank mates.

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