Feb 3, 2011

NWRS/UPMMAS 2010 Frag Swap - Reminiscing

Has it really been almost a year since the last annual Northern Wisconsin Reef Society/Upper Peninsula Michigan Marine Aquarium Society frag swap? I know it's hard to believe, but land-locked Rhinelander, WI is a reefer's mecca (Liveaquaria and NWRS, one of the best small reef clubs in the country, are stationed in town.) Last year's annual swap was amazing. The frags and corals at this swap were high quality and priced low. You could find any type of coral you could possibly want from big-time online vendors to basement fraggers. I got a huge frag of Reverse Superman Montipora for $20 from House of Corals. I'm really bummed out I'll miss the swap this year. If I was still living in the area, you can bet I'd be there.

To all my NWRS and UPMMAS friends, hello, and I miss you!

Midwestsaltwater2 (4)
Midwest Saltwater corals

Jim's Reef Zoas

NorthernCorals (16)
Northern Corals Trachyphyllia Brain

Northern Corals (9)
Northern Coral's Frogspawn

CLcampuz2 (9)
Chuck and Lynn's Cyphastrea

johnanddawn (3)
John and Dawn's fluorescing Goochsters

Liveaquaria's Diver's Den donated awesome LE frags for the silent auction

NorthernCorals (7)


Raffle (2)

SULA (2)

Club Tank (1)
NWRS club tank

Houseofcorals (2)
House of Corals

Houseofcorals (5)

JimsReef (1)
Jim's Reef

JimsReef (2)

Midwest Saltwater (2)
Midwest Saltwater

Midwest Saltwater (5)

Northern Corals (8)
Northern Corals

CLcampuz (2)
Chuck and Lynn's tank


OntosRob's tank

Discovery World (1)
Discovery World

Custom Color (4)
Custom Color

T & Z Aquatics

UPMMAS club tank


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