Jan 16, 2018

Felicia's Saddled Seahorses for Sale

EDIT AUGUST 2018: You can now purchase my seahorses at Fish Factory in Bensalem, PA!

I'm very happy to announce that I'm breeding seahorses again! Some friends got together and sent me a pair for my birthday this year, and they've been very prolific. This first batch of (not) babies (anymore) are headed to That Fish Place and Reef Conservation Society's Winter frag swap. These are H. erectus seahorses; most are rusty orange, brown, or yellowish with lots of saddling and some with cirri. They're about 6 months old, and many of the males are already pregnant. We may decide to ship seahorses in the future with the help of our friends at Ricky Fin's Aquatics, so stay tuned.

These babies are fed four times a day and are very friendly. It's not easy to change the water (which we do three times a day) when there are seahorses all over my hands and in my face!

How to make a seahorse love you - Feed it!

Before breakfast - we're so hungry!

Please excuse the algae, when you feed this much food, it's inevitable.

baby pics of this batch

so much cirri!

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