Mar 6, 2013

My 90 gallon Saltwater Aquarium

It's been a while since I posted an aquarium update, since a lot has changed. I've moved and changed jobs this past year, and things have been hectic. Not too hectic to continue keeping fishes. Many of the fish I brought from Wisconsin a couple years ago have passed away, some from old age. I still have Stormy, my Blue Jaw Tilefish, and Cleopatra, my beloved seahorse, one of which I raised myself who is the daughter of Hoover and Juniper.

My 90 gallon "reef"

My lovely Stormy, the Blue Jaw Tilefish, is best friends with my new Blue Tang.

Blue Jaw Tilefish and Blue Tang

Some of you might remember Mandy, my Sustainable Aquatics Fancy White Ocellaris. She's a couple years old now and paired up with an ORA Naked Ocellaris, and they are finally old enough to be practicing spawning. Let's hope for eggs soon.


 A picture of Mandy from Nov. 2011, notice the color change!

Sustainable Aquatics™ Fancy White Ocellaris Clownfish

My newest fish, a beautiful Blue Hippo Tang named "Dory" of course.


All the fish are very tame!


90 gallon Saltwater Reef

saltwater Sailfin Molly - a freshwater fish that can live in saltwater also

Saltwater Sailfin Molly

ORA Naked Ocellaris Clownfish

a 4" Sixline Wrasse

Giant Sixline Wrasse


  1. wow, so beautiful. i am getting in love with these. really amazing. Fishing In Dubai

  2. Really love your Dory Fish, It's so beautiful!!! I will get it for my 60 gallon Saltwater Aquarium soon.
    James Aquarium Blog